Month: November 2005

Unseen Geometry

The Star Tetrahedron:

The Star Tetrahedron, the 3-dimensional version of a 2-dimensional six-pointed star, is found around living organisms in the form of a subtle electromagnetic field.  Although this is not something that conventional science accepts yet, it will be the case in future once they are able to detect and measure this field. (Recently, science has made some progress by for the first time detecting the Star Tetrahedron field around a planet.)

The knowledge of this geometry relating to life has been with us for longer than could be imagined by some people, as it has always been kept from the public.  For example, more recently, people such as Leonardo da Vinci had knowledge (as passed on to him by his mentor) of the relationship between geometry and the human form. [A template for the six-pointed star can be found in his drawings, i.e. Leonardo’s famous Proportions of the Human Body]