Month: November 2009

Free Energy

Ever since the end of the 19th century, conventional science has been under the wrong impression of the nature of our reality.  An important part of our understanding was discarded after an experiment that declared the until-then accepted idea of the Ether (Aether) as a basis of the material world.  Science is now re-discovering this unseen material.  Without proper knowledge of it we will not be able to take the next leap forward in our sciences.
The Ether, which is found everywhere (even in a vacuum), is indeed a dense and energy rich medium; and evidence of it’s existence is quite clear by such concepts as Zero Point Energy which is derived from Quantum theory and experimentation.  If fact, if one considers that there vast amounts of energy locked away in all matter (E=mc2), it leaves the question – what is the origin of all this energy?

When one realises that massive amounts of energy surround us all the time, then the only logical question is – how do we harness it?  This is what free energy devices operate on – the vast amount of Free Energy that surrounds us all the time, just waiting to be tapped.

There really is no need for fossil fuels anymore.  If successful free energy devices were allowed to be developed openly, and if it were encouraged by conventional scientists and institutions then there are many solutions waiting in the wings.  Unfortunately, there is massive opposition to the development of such devices – especially by those who have the most to lose (i.e. oil companies, and others).