Are We Alone?


This is a question that has been asked by every one of us at some time or other… and the answer to it is No.

The next question that might be asked is, Does it make a difference?  The answer is not really – at least that is if there is were no direct unwarranted interaction between our civilization and others.  Interference is what this boils down to.

Now, regardless of whether one chooses to believe (the, by any means, absurd and rather arrogant notion) that we are the only life in this universe or not, here are some things to consider:

  • There is more than enough evidence of recent contact between us and extraterrestrials.  The problem is that there is a concerted disinformation campaign being run, at various levels (including government), to dissuade us of this very possibility.  There are two reasons for this.  The first (and original) ‘official’ reason was that public reaction would be too extreme for this kind of revelation; and the second is that most of those whom have had contact with certain extraterrestrial groups have undertaken contracts with these beings.  These agreements, which have been undertaken without general public consent on their behalf, are what would be unacceptable to the masses if they had to find out.

  • The evidence which exists proving that there has been extraterrestrial involvement on our planet, in fact, is sufficient that even if a small amount of if it were presented in a court of law for a case for extraterrestrial involvement, it would be possible to legally prove it on a Balance of Probabilities principle, and now most very likely it could be proven Beyond a Reasonable Doubt too.

  • UFOs (a military term meaning Unidentified Flying Object) have been sited throughout our recorded history – there are many old and textual references (including major religious scriptures) and paintings depicting strange, often saucer-shaped, objects in the sky.

  • In recent times, UFOs have been sited for many years by tens-of-millions of people in every part of the world, this peaking in the previous few decades; but just what are UFOs?  These sightings can in fact be anything from natural phenomena such as little-understood Standing Waves (sometimes produced by seismic activity) and St Elmo’s Fire (a form of lighting) – to experimental military aircraft, and then actual extraterrestrial craft.  However, a lot of the time these sightings have been just what a lot of people have suspected: extraterrestrial craft; and this is what has purposefully been kept from the public for all these years.  Another type of ‘UFO’ are the very-much terrestrial craft which various governments test-fly as part of their secret military projects (an example of such known cases are the SR-71 and Aroura craft of the US military).

  • A little know fact is that in certain states within the United States of America have passed laws making it illegal to communicate with extraterrestrials.  The public are not very aware of this, but the question should be asked – why are such laws being passed if (officially) there has been no alien contact (or ‘none is expected’ ) in the United States; and even if it were admitted by the authorities then why is there such a law?  Such laws would only make sense if there were something to hide.

  • Despite the disinformation campaign and the very tight lid being kept on this subject by governments of the world, due to the Freedom of Information Act of the United States of America, and legal action taken against government agencies, small amounts of information (the very tip of the iceberg) have recently been released by the NSA (National Security Agency of the United States), CIA, DOA and FBI, about UFO contact experience. [Indeed, the very purpose of the formation of certain government agencies of the U.S.A, such as the NSC, in the early 1950s was to deal with this issue.]  The information is still being covered up, though, and even the contents of documents that have been released remain partially censored.

  • Hundreds of ex-military and science personnel are now starting to come forward (with the help of groups offering them legal protection) with their experiences of encounters with UFOs and actual alien beings.  Of course, these individuals have undertaken oaths of secrecy and therefore, by the laws governing national security (especially in the US), they are liable for persecution by their disclosure of these events; and this would make it very difficult for them to achieve what they are now doing if they did not work together in revealing the truth.  (See the Disclosure Project )

  • ‘Contactees’, or individuals who claim to have had contact with extraterrestrials, (even those who are very isolated and do not have access the media) have all given similar descriptions of their visitors.  In fact, there are even accurate depictions of (what are now known as) Greys amongst the drawings and legends of varying ancient cultures, including those found amongst the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians.  This is the kind of thing that scientists and archaeologists have a difficult time dealing with, and would rather not discuss since they do not have explanations for it and ‘does not into their paradigm’ – yet, the evidence is there for all to see; and the pieces of the puzzle are there for all who posses any form of logical reasoning to put together.

  • Over a period of a number of years, hundreds of thousands of cattle across the USA where found dead and their bodies mutilated – usually having parts of their bodies removed.  In almost every (genuine) case all blood was removed from the animals, every single drop, without any being spilled on the ground surrounding the body – a feat that even our modern science is not yet capable of.  In fact, this government-sanctioned (part of an agreement with certain aspects the government of the USA) program of mutilation was carried out by certain ‘Greys’ for genetic experimentation that they were working on.

  • The mass media is not as free as one might think.  There are a number of reasons why the global mass media, especially the national and international media, shies away from reporting anything on this subject.  One should not lose sight of the fact that media companies are (some very large) businesses (not free, independent, non-profit organisations).  Unfortunately, in this world, money is what counts, not impartiality and truth.

The truth is that extraterrestrial involvement with our planet and the human race stretches further back than most in our current society, based on their limited ways of thinking, would be prepared to consider.  It is even more appropriate, here, to state that the Truth is stranger than Fiction, as is usually the case.