Estate NET (light)

Estate agent property cataloging software

This program is intended for Estate agents and lets you incorporate the photographs you have of your properties and information about each into an automatically built web catalogue in a number of attractive styles.As an Estate Agent, you usually have two choices when you want to display properties on your web-site in a timely fashion. The first is to pay for complex database solutions, the second is to pay the labour on having your lists updated manually each time they change.
That is where this program comes-in. By a series of simple steps you will be in control of the content of your online catalogue. You can add, modify and remove properties and then you can send them all to your web-site. It’s simple, it’s fast and it’s very, very easy.Built into the program are several “templates” or visual-styles that can alter the appearance of your catalogue. Should the large choice of styles not be adequate, you can also contact sales and enquire about custom templates.


  1. Capture and display up to 350 properties (Estate NET light).
  2. Simple scan or browse process to aquire photographs, with the scan process being highly automated to make your life quick and simple.
  3. It’s easy to capture information about each property.
  4. Many attractive catalogue styles (templates) for you to choose from – and more being developed all the time, check the web-site for news.
  5. Send your catalogues to your own web-site at the click of a button – No need to subscribe to a particular web-host, use your current web-site and simply add a catalogue link to it.
  6. Full help for every step.

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Title: Estate NET (light)
Date Posted: April 22, 2010
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