The Golden Mean:
The Golden Mean, or Golden Ratio as it is known, is an irrational number just like other important numbers such as Pi.  This means that it cannot be completely represented by our currently used number system, except as a formula (Sqr(5)-1)/2.  Just like Pi (approx. 3.1416) – Phi, or the Golden Ratio, has an endless number of digits after its decimal point and with no repetition of the digits sequences.  Therefore, like other “Transcendental” numbers, its value can only be approximated (using our number system).

What is the Golden Ratio, and why is it important?
The Golden Ratio is approximately 1 : 1.618

Besides for possessing some remarkable and unique characteristics, the Golden Mean is found in ALL living creatures on Earth.  Along with the Fibonacci Sequence (which is a whole-number system approximating the Golden Ratio, discovered by Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci), this ratio is found in plants and animal life wherever one looks.  For example, this ratio can be found in fingers one’s hand, amongst many other places, and it is prevalent in the skeletal structure of all creatures.

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