Lottery Assistant


The lottery software program to help you pick winning lottery number combinations.  Lottery Assistant includes full databases for the South African National Lottery, UK National Lottery and New Zealand Lotto.

View statistical information as well as number frequency information.
Also included is a lottery simulator, which allows you to simulate various kinds of lotteries and configurations. The simulator displays the odds of a winner being drawn, giving a breakdown of the winning combinations. Use the wheel calculator to work out thousands of combinations.

Lottery Assistant is flexible and can be configured for virtually any lottery system.

NOTE: Lottery Assistant is NOT a RANDOM number generator!

This software is Shareware, which means that you may download it to try it out. If you like this program then all you have to do is ‘Register’ to continue using it (see below for more information on how to Register).


· Supports multiple lotteries.

· Complete data for the South African, UK and New Zealand national lotteries included.

· Reads .CSV files (can be edited with a spreadsheet), and can accept data for
virtually any lottery.

· Full Wheel (works on any size lottery) for guaranteed wins. If you’re serious
about winning, it can generate tens of thousands of combinations.

· Simulator – simulates different lottery configurations to test different

· Statistics and frequency graph.

· Using complex algorithms, the suggestion feature suggests number combinations based
on statistical data generated from previous lottery draws.

· Filter the generated combinations, to produce customized results.

· Print directly onto your lottery tickets and save vast amounts of time by printing
hundreds, or even thousands of tickets.

Install instructions for Lottery Assistant:
If you already have Winzip installed on your system then your web browser should (normally) start WinZip after the file has finished being downloaded to your system. Follow the instructions given to you by Winzip, and when it displays the list of files then choose ‘INSTALL’ on the WinZip Menu Bar. Now simply follow the instructions given to you by the Setup program (note – you may be required to re-start you computer; if this is the case, then run Setup again, after you have Restarted).
If you choose to save the Lottery Assistant ‘Install file’ (this is recommended) then when you’re ready to install, start Windows Explorer and locate the folder where your browser saved the file. Look for a file called LOAS189 and double-click on it. Follow the WinZip instructions, as above. If you don’t know where the file was saved then use the Windows ‘Find’ utility (go to the Start menu, choose ‘Find’ and then ‘Files or Folders’) and type in the name LOAS, then click ‘Find Now’.

Windows XP, without WinZip:

[Windows XP can read Zipped files without WinZip being installed.]

Once the file has been saved on your system, right-click on it and select Extract All. Go to the folder where the installation files have been extracted, and run Setup

Once you’ve tried out Lottery Assistant and wish to use it further, REGISTER it here. Be sure to have your serial number handy (you’ll be given a serial number when you choose register after running Lottery Assistant on your computer.

· If you don’t already have WinZip installed on your system then download it here:

For support, e-mail the address below. Only Registered users will receive support, therefore include your name and serial number when requiring assistance.

send any inquiries or comments to

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