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Quick StarReader determines your Star Signs including accurately locating your Sun Sign on the wheel of the Zodiac.  Differentiate between 3 parts of each sign as well as Cusp Sign.  QSR calculates numerology according to the Chaldean system, and, along with readings determines Root and Compound numbers.

QSR determines your Elemental Balance, positions of planets and information on day of birth including Strengths & Weaknesses – and much more…

This software is Shareware, which means that you may download it to try it out. If you like this program then all you have to do is Register to continue using it (see below for more information on how to Register).


  • Determines part of Sun Sign, along with Cusp Signs

  • Calculates Ascendant Sign

  • Numerology: Calculates Root and Compound numbers based on name and birth date

  • Determines planetary signs

  • Calculates and displays the positions of the planets

Download Tip:
If you want to save the ‘Install file’ on your harddrive (and then run it later), hold down the SHIFT key (on some browsers) when you click to download Quick StarReader.

Install instructions for Quick StarReader (Zip version):
If you already have Winzip installed on your system then your web browser should (normally) start WinZip after the file has finished being downloaded to your system. Follow the instructions given to you by Winzip, and when it displays the list of files then choose ‘INSTALL’ on the WinZip Menu Bar. Now simply follow the instructions given to you by the Setup program (note – you may be required to re-start you computer; if this is the case, then run Setup again, after you have Restarted).
If you choose to save the Quick StarReader ‘Install file’ (this is recommended) then when you’re ready to install, start Windows Explorer and locate the folder where your browser saved the file. Look for a file called QSR10 and double-click on it. Follow the WinZip instructions, as above. If you don’t know where the file was saved then use the Windows ‘Find’ utility (go to the Start menu, choose ‘Find’ and then ‘Files or Folders’) and type in the name QSR, then click ‘Find Now’.

 Windows XP, without WinZip:

 [Windows XP can read Zipped files without WinZip being installed.]

 Once the file has been saved on your system, right-click on it and select Extract All. Go to the folder where the installation files have been extracted, and run Setup

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