With over 20 years of experience in software development, we offer custom-designed and written software solutions, with a focus on application software.  If you have the idea, we will put it into practise.

Software integration:  We will help you to integrate your software and advise on the best combinations of hardware and software for your specific needs.

Systems integration:  Let us assist you in integrating all your hardware, software and communications devices.

Commercial software:  We offer a range of commercial software, specialising in graphics applications.

Desktop Publishing:  Let us find a solution for you.


With over 20 years of experience in the computer industry, we supply a wide range of computer hardware and peripherals.  We build customized computer systems to any specification, large or small.

Networking:  We offer networking consulting services, providing you with solutions to suite your needs.

Communications:  In this broad field we have much to offer.  Simple or complex Internet connections, conventional serial communications, voice/data integration, GSM cellular messaging systems and R.F. telemetry comms.


Web hosting:  Website hosting from as little as R65/month.

Website promotion:  Make your website visible on Internet by having it submitted to over 800 major search engines.


Web Design:  With 10 years experience in Web design as well as Desktop Publishing, and related integration, we offer anything from the most basic website solutions to larger corporate Internet and Web requirements.

Graphic Design:  With more than 10 years in experience in graphic design, we design logos, adverts, signs, badges and stickers.

Advertising:  Whether it be for hardcopy print or for the electronic media, let us design an advert for, or assist you in your advertising campaign.


Security systems:  Integrate existing alarm systems into your computer system.  Benefits include minute-by-minute logging of activity in your building complex, centralised viewing of activity, video and audio surveillance, and customised notifications via networks such as the Internet and GSM cellular network.

Automation:  We offer custom-designed control systems. These include control of machinery, lighting, or household appliances.

Power Supplies:  We can provide a number of customized, or custom-built, power supply systems for various uses.

Alternative Energy:  Integration of solar panels, wind generators and invertors into a complete power solutions tailored to your requirements.


Electronics:  Circuits are designed on a limited scale.  If you require custom-made electronic circuits or solutions, please contact us.


We offer training from basic Windows and MS-Office usage through to advanced programming techniques.

Courses on understanding computer hardware and how it functions are also offered.

Courses in computer and electronic theory can also be presented upon request.