Two Decks Are Easier to Follow

In this game of Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack only two decks of cards are used. Since there are five hands that can be played simultaneously, but don’t have to be, this presents plenty of opportunity for winning and working out which are the possible combinations of cards that will come up once the first two cards of each hand have been dealt.
Playing the game is one of the easiest on the internet especially as you get the added advantage of a commentator or steward helping you along with your moves and cards. He tells you what the totals of each hand are and if it is bust and so on. It is entertaining as well as informative. And, if you prefer to play without the extra commentary, it is just as easy to switch it off.

Splitting When you are Downtown

In this game a player is able to split up to three times his hand in other words he can make up to four hands from one original hand. This he can do on any of the hands if the same value card is drawn for both cards. In this game any card with the value of ten can be split. In other words a ten and a Queen can be split. But, bear in mind that each split will cost the same value as the original bet again. With Aces on the other hand, a player can only split once.
Like with most online Blackjack games, a player can take out insurance if he fears that the hole card (the card that is face down) of the dealer is a royal when his face card is an Ace. This would give the dealer Blackjack so it is often sensible to take insurance but since there are a possible five hands in play there is no need to take insurance on every hand. The insurance cost is half the value of the original bet so could end up being quite costly if all hands are insured.

Try Multi-Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack

Petula Clark sang that “ Things’ll be great in Downtown”, in the case of Multi-Hand Blackjack, things are great. Since there are so many hands where betting can start as low as $1 or go up as high as $248 with a combination of chips, there are plenty of opportunities to win. This is a quick action game with plenty of chances for the player to win.