Where Europe meets Hollywood

The Paris Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, at first glance, seems like the meeting place of Paris and Planet Hollywood. The joy of gaming it in Las Vegas is just this: to take in the atmosphere of the individual casinos and the cultures that they represent while enjoying the gaming experience at the same time. For any avid casino gaming aficionado, the Paris Casino complex in Las Vegas provides the old-world charm of Paris with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. Just the image of the place, with the Eiffel Tower structure behind it and the lit-up globe in front of it combine these two worlds nicely.

Paris in Las Vegas

The Paris Casino & Resort is owned by the same company that owns other luminaries such as Caesars Palace, so you know that you will be getting the best in your casino experience. As you stay at your favorite resort during the holidays, make sure to play a round of slot games for mobile. The Paris Casino complex offers 85,000 square feet of gaming space, and offers all kinds of racing games, sports games, table games, and slot machine games. In addition to this, the resort offers a number of stay-and-play packages, including one for couples called the Romance Package, which will make your next casino vacation there far more affordable than you might think.
On top of all this, there is far more than gaming to keep you occupied. There is an exact reproduction of the Eiffel Tower that visitors may climb to the top of (via elevator, of course), as well as a pool, nightclubs, excellent shopping, golf courses, and even a spa and fitness center which provides luxury-seekers with not only conventional spa treatments and massage therapy, but also such extras as teeth whitening and personal training.
So, if you’re looking for the excitement and culture of Paris in your casino, try out the Paris Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, and you certainly won’t be disappointed.